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Introducing the Technology Behind Intra-Cell


Based on scientific breakthroughs in formulation and delivery, Intra-Cell targets the genetic, environmental, and hormonal impacts attributed to aging effects seen in the skin. This unique delivery system is a vehicle that helps active ingredients penetrate into the skin layers, ultimately achieving a faster response time. The Société Clinical Skincare Intra-Cell regimens are scientifically designed to address the various skin concerns that develop throughout the aging process.


Hormones and the Skin

The skin is greatly influenced by hormonal fluctuations throughout our lifetime. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid affect the skin’s physiology in different ways. After age 35, the cells begin to communicate differently as hormone levels diminish, especially estrogen. Understanding the intricacies of the aging process is very complex; the skin is our largest organ of the body and has various biochemical needs with changing hormones.



Intense Firming Complex

Triple C Vitamin Therapy Serum

Refinishing Complex with PRT

Refinishing Complex Plus with PRT

Even Out Dark Spot Corrector

Covershield SPF 27

Age Defying Boosting Pads

Clear Skin Boosting Pads

Skin Bright Boosting Pads

Vitamin D Complex

Ultimate Eye Lift System



35+ Correction & Collagen


Skin Concerns:

*Fine lines around the eyes and mouth deepen

*Collagen production slows down

*Eye area loses elasticity and tone

*Hormonal breakouts

*Cellular turnover slows down

*Slight sagging around the neck area

45+ Collagen & Repair


Skin Concerns:

*Skin cells take longer to migrate to the surface

*Face, chin and neck begin to sag

*Skin loses plumpness and tone

*Pigmentation from sun damage becomes visible

*Skin becomes drier as Hyaluronic acid production slows down

*Actinic keratosis may appear



55+ Collagen, Repair & Replenish


Skin Concerns:

*Nasolabial folds deepen dramatically

*Jowls along the jawline

*Appearance of a saggy neck

*Wrinkles, dryness and sensitivity of the skin become more prevalent