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We are a Société of like-minded thinkers bringing together the best of science, technology and nature when formulating products.

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We are problem solvers.

We develop superior skin care products, without charging a superior price.

Developed in the clinic for the clinic.

We exist to deliver the best patient results and value with each of our products.

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Exclusivity is a priority.

Remaining exclusive to our clinics and their patients, we do not sell directly to the consumer.

We put our clinics and patients first.

Helping build loyalty and trust, we believe in the potential and future of our clinics and their patients.

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Backed by research.

We only source the best, medical grade ingredients, formulating each product with a specific purpose.

Committed to innovation.

We continue to develop new product concepts and improve our formulations.

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Committed to Education.

We elevate the educational standards for skin care professionals through classes and our online training platform.